Medical On Mobile: The Future Is Here

Medical On Mobile: The Future Is Here

One of the hottest categories in mobile is healthcare. Just look at the recent IPO of Tandem Diabetes Care (TNDM), which is up about 38% since last week’s debut. The company is the developer of an iPhone-like device to provide insulin.

So what are some of the trends to pay attention to in the space? Well, to get some answers, I recently interviewed Chase Curtiss, who is the CEO and founder of Sway Medical. He recently raised $750,000 in a tranche of a Series A funding from a variety of angels and the OKAngel Sidecar Fund. To date, Sway Medical has raised $1.325 million in total funding.

The company’s flagship product is Sway Balance, which is an iOS app for testing of concussions. As seen with the recent problems with the NFL, it’s certainly an important category.

So here’s the interview:

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