The Messaging App Wars Are Just Getting Started

The Messaging App Wars Are Just Getting Started

There are 24 different ways for me to message someone from my phone right now. All for no additional charge beyond my existing cellphone bill.

I can pick from iMessages, Snapchat, Instagram Direct, Twitter direct messages, WhatsApp, Telegram, Confide, AOL Instant Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Wut, GroupMe, Line, Viber, MessageMe, Kik Messenger, Popcorn, Glide, Tango, ooVoo, Shots, Skype, Whisper, TigerText and even my email account.

It’s slightly overwhelming just thinking about which one to use. I can use Facebook to set up a group chat, or Confide to write a secret message, or Twitter because it’s easy, or Line if I want to include some stickers … I’m sorry, my head is already spinning, I have to sit down.

While it might be messaging app overload for customers, the makers of these apps see an opportunity to disrupt the phone companies and become the go-to communication platform for people on their smartphones.

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