10 Questions: Marcus Nelson, co-founder and CEO, Addvocate

10 Questions: Marcus Nelson, co-founder and CEO, Addvocate

If there’s one thing you can say about Marcus Nelson, it’s that he’s adventurous. He once spent two and a half months smuggling 90,000 bibles into the former Soviet Union. He is a former J. Crew catalog model. He legendarily felled 400 men in a single charge in the Battle of San Jacinto. (Okay, that last one isn’t true.)

In all seriousness, though, Nelson spent his youth working non-traditional jobs. He made three different attempts to go to college, where he studied theology, English, and communications. Somewhere along the way, it hit him: With a knack for starting new things and a flair for marketing, he should probably be an entrepreneur. So he dropped out.

Since then, Nelson co-founded a non-profit called Rockwater, founded a website development company at Superstarch.com, and co-founded UserVoice, a customer feedback company. Eventually, he found his way to Salesforce (CRM), where he built up the enterprise technology company’s social media program.

At Salesforce, Nelson found that employees were eager to share news about the company they work for, but there was no standard way to make sure social media posts were in line with company branding. Which is where he got the idea for his current company, Addvocate. Addvocate helps employees post social media content that has been pre-approved by their company. Employees see a feed of ready-to-go posts that they can share across sites like Twitter and Facebook. The employees, therefore, can advertise and advocate (get it?) for their company without worrying whether their posts are going to get them in trouble with their supervisors.

Nelson, 42, is based in Silicon Valley. He spoke with Fortune.

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