WGBH’s ‘Plum Landing’ stresses interaction for kids

WGBH’s ‘Plum Landing’ stresses interaction for kids

Public television station WGBH has been on the cutting edge of children’s programming for decades, but its latest show is designed for every conceivable electronic device but one: the TV set.


The approach that WGBH is taking with “Plum Landing” is well thought out and progressive, said Q Beck, chief executive of Famigo, an Austin, Texas, firm whose app helps parents select appropriate content for their children.

As media and entertainment companies venture further into digital media, they are wrangling with privacy and technology issues that didn’t exist before smartphones, tablets, and social media took off.

“I don’t think people have this figured out yet,” Beck said. “There’s a Wild West element where people are trying a bunch of new things to see what’s easy and scalable.”

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