StackEngine Emerges From Stealth, Adds Operational Layer To Docker

StackEngine Emerges From Stealth, Adds Operational Layer To Docker

StackEngine, a startup out of Austin, TX, emerged from stealth today with $1M in seed funding and a product that gives operations and IT staff a way to manage Docker containers, providing the operations side of the house some control over Docker instances.


Docker’s rapidly growing popularity didn’t escape the attention of company founders Bob Quillin and Eric Anderson, both of whom have operations backgrounds with companies like CopperEgg, Hyper9 and VMware. Just last month, Docker got $40M in venture funding and it’s been hotter than hot this year with developers.


Put in simple terms, Docker is an open source project that offers a way to create a Linux container for applications. As applications are distributed across multiple servers instead of being delivered as a monolithic application on a single server, it gives developers a way to deliver and update these modern apps more efficiently.


And it has grown increasingly popular with developers who have been hungry for a container technology that works the way they do. As StackEngine co-founder Quillin points out, this popularity created an opportunity because it left a management tool gap for operations teams charged with managing these Docker containers.


“We saw most of the important activity was helping developers move forward with Docker, but there was no set of tools and solutions oriented with a modern approach to management,” Quillin explained.

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