Tech Reacts To The Demise Of Partial NSA Reform In The Senate

Tech Reacts To The Demise Of Partial NSA Reform In The Senate

The failure of the Senate to advance NSA reform in the current Congress isn’t too popular with the technology community. The demise of the USA FREEDOM Act — a half-measure at best — in the Senate is another loss for the technology industry, which saw many of its leading companies repeatedly call for the bill’s passage.


Vineet Jain, co-founder and CEO of Egnyte, a company that provides cloud collaboration services to enterprises told TechCrunch that the failure of the FREEDOM Act sent “very strong message” to Americans “about our right to privacy.” He went to state that by “continuing to allow NSA surveillance, there is a new level of FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt)” in the market that “is inhibiting [the technology industry] from progressive innovation.”

Jain also said that if privacy was better protected from government intrusion through legislative action, companies in tech could “reallocate valuable resources that have been put into NSA countermeasures.”

Ajay Patel, the CEO of HighQ, another company in the enterprise collaboration space, told TechCrunch that the failure of that Act implied that “U.S. policy on collecting individuals and corporations private information isn’t likely to change anytime soon.” He noted that United States-based companies will lose some business, as “corporations and governments will seek to contract with non-U.S. technology based companies that do not use U.S. domiciled data centers to escape the long reach of the Patriot Act.”

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