Accusoft: The Virtues Of Bootstrapping In The Cloud

Accusoft: The Virtues Of Bootstrapping In The Cloud

When it comes to cloud companies, it seems that the best strategy is to have a brash founder/ceo. The idea is that this will drum up lots of buzz, which should lead to traction with customers.

Perhaps so. But this formula is not full-proof.

As seen with Accusoft — which develops a myriad of software offerings for barcodes, compression, image processing, video and image viewing — the understated approach can work extremely well too.

Consider that the company has not raised a dime of venture capital. Instead, it has focused on creating standout technologies that customers have no quibble in shelling out money for. After all, more than 200 million Yahoo YHOO +0.87% email users rely on Accusoft technology to view documents and the IRS uses the software to scan and process tax returns.

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