In tech? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

In tech? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

If you’re one of the 140,000 startups trying to grow a sustainable business based on a digital product, it’s time to rethink what it means to win.

If you’re lucky, you might produce that killer app that disrupts an entire industry, a Facebook or a Dropbox.

The more likely case is that you’ll lead your particular category, the way Asana leads free project management, or the way MapMyRun is the consumer go-to for tracking jogs. The infamous saying definitely applies to the tech industry: “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

Why? Because the best thing an emerging company can do is partner with a current market leader.

Even if your product could potentially disrupt a partner’s industry, chances are that they have the money, resources, brand association and access to markets that you need — and you have an innovative value-add that will help them better serve their own markets.

Indeed, with the experience web and Internet of Things on the brink of redefining how products and brands will interact with one another, becoming a category leader across platforms, while maintaining brand recognition, is an absolute imperative.

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