SkillGigs: Doing A Rethink On Recruiting

SkillGigs: Doing A Rethink On Recruiting

For Kashif Aftab, being an entrepreneur is natural. Hey, when he was 10 years old, he helped with his dad’s manufacturing facility. But a year later, he started to learn coding.


No doubt, all of this proved useful. While in his 20s, he founded an IT firm, which he bootstrapped and then went on to sell. Oh, and then he founded two other companies!


As for his latest, it is SkillGigs, which is also bootstrapped.


For the most part, the focus is on rethinking the recruiting market, targeting categories like technology and healthcare. “We want to make hiring decisions smarter and better,” said Kashif. “Traditional job marketplaces just fall short.”


At the core of SkillGigs is a sophisticated AI recruiting technology, which allows for much more efficient matching. Think of it as a robo recruiter.


But there are also innovative branding tools for job seekers, such as the patent pending 3D resume technology.


“I always used to shake my head at the inefficiencies of recruiting,” said Kashif. “It felt like trying to find a needle in the haystack. I was on eBay one day, and I thought that the auction style model would make a great way to attract and connect talent with employers for permanent and contract hiring, and that spawned the creation of SkillGigs.”

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