How to secure VC money in 3 weeks or less

How to secure VC money in 3 weeks or less

Raising venture capital is a daunting process.

You’ve spent months, if not years, working to turn your dreams into a reality, and now it all hinges on finding that one investor who believes in your company and team as much as you do and if you’re lucky, also brings value to the table.

So you pack up your bags and head to Silicon Valley for your weeks-long gauntlet of in-person meetings with investors, often infamous for their candor and ease with which they crush or create startup dreams, to seek the one partner that will change everything for you and your venture.

Aside from having a killer idea and a walk to back your talk, there are a few things you can do to make sure your time in the hot seat finds you returning with a signed check in hand and a new partner to share the adventure with.

When the Augury team headed to the valley in search of funding, we returned just three weeks later with just that: a respectable Series A round with a partner that shares our vision and the satisfaction of preparation paying off.

Here are some tactics to that got us there, and hopefully will help you too.


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