New workflow software aims to empower younger, quieter employees

New workflow software aims to empower younger, quieter employees

It’s nearly impossible to overstate the degree to which work has been changed by the world we live in today. From the fundamental changes of Internet and email to the more recent additions like cloud computing and Slack, we just don’t work like we used to–we work a whole lot faster and a whole lot harder. And, as a result, workflow tends to get a whole lot messier.


One of the newest tools in the workflow management game is Scalus, a Google Ventures-backed startup that’s looking further change the way we work. While Scalus is far from the first workflow management solution, its approach to common problems in the workflow pipeline is a little different.


Built on the back of BackOps, a solution that Scalus founder and CEO Kristen Koh Goldstein developed for back office management, Scalus focuses on repeatable tasks and turning conversations into actionable items. Though Goldstein and her team didn’t necessarily set out to build Scalus, as their own operations tasks grew more complex and increasingly difficult to manage, they found that the existing project management solutions weren’t quite working.

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