Big Data Means Big Deals To Come In M&As

Big Data Means Big Deals To Come In M&As

Lately, old tech operators like IBM, Qualcomm, HP and even Oracle have been feeling lots of pain. The fact is that new technologies are passing them by — and fast.

But don’t expect this to last much longer.  Actually, there’s a good bet we’ll see a burst of M&A activity, especially in categories like big data.

“We’re in the second wave of dealmaking,” said Marius Moscovici, who is the founder and CEO of Metric Insights. “In the first wave, companies were accumulating and storing raw data for the sake of owning it. Everyone understood that data had value, but not everyone had a way to apply it in the ‘real world’. Subsequently, startups and enterprise organizations alike have since figured out that simply sitting on a pile of data does nothing to open new lines of business.”

Marius should know. After all, his company operates a top-notch intelligence platform, which helps customers gin up lots of value from data.  Some of the marquee customers include RealNetworks, HomeAway, Barnes & Noble and UPMC.

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