Why The API Economy Is Exploding

Why The API Economy Is Exploding

APIs (known as application program interfaces) have been around for decades. The technology essentially allows software to move data across systems. Kind of prosaic, right?

Perhaps so. But with the surge in cloud computing and mobile, APIs have become strategically important for growing successful businesses, as seen with breakout operators like Google, Salesforce, Facebook and Amazon.

Although, perhaps the most notable recent example of the power of this technology is seen with Slack . In just a few years, the company has transformed the collaboration space and has attracted substantial amounts of venture capital.

“We are moving into an age of extensible apps and Slack is likely the new norm for software businesses,” said Jack Berlin, who is the CEO of Accusoft. “In the earlier days of the Internet, applications could stand alone, but now they are expected to not only connect and share information, but extend their functionality by connecting with other apps.”

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