Slack Gets Full-Featured CRM App

Slack Gets Full-Featured CRM App

San Francisco-based Slack offers an army of bots that pop up randomly on the enterprise collaboration tool. The bots are robotic members of Slack team chat groups that interact with humans.

Slack’s own Slackbot greets and interacts with users. Last week we explained how Santa Cruz, Calif.-based Looker just introduced a business intelligence bot for Slack.

Now Treviso, Italy-based mobile CRM and sales tracking app Sellf joins the Slack App Directory with its own bot, which is designed to help sales agents celebrate sales victories.

Last December Slack kicked up its bot strategy with a development framework, an app store and $80 million in funding for startups to build software that integrates on its platform. Since then, the Slack App Directory has expanded from 160 apps to 280, a Slack representative told CMSWire.

Bringing CRM to Slack

Diego Pizzocaro, CEO and co-founder of Sellf, said his company’s app is the “first fully-featured CRM and sales tracking app” for Slack.

Of course, there are plenty of other CRM-related integrations with Slack, such as HubSpot and Zoho, and at least two available in the app store alongside Sellf. A search of “CRM” in the directory produced the Sellf, Zapier and Scalus apps.

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