Axcient announces Fusion, aims to do away with pesky redundancy

Axcient announces Fusion, aims to do away with pesky redundancy

Axcient was founded way back in 2009 with the aim of bringing business continuity and disaster recovery services (BC and DR as they are known in the acronym-mad tech industry) to small and mid-sized businesses.

They are services that have traditionally been problematic for small businesses — standing up secondary and tertiary data centers, building in redundancy of networks and systems and ensuring that organizations’ IT systems are as resilient as possible is a fraught process, full of complexity and expense.

Which is where Axcient came in — it aimed to consolidate all of the business continuity stuff into a single platform that it could offer SMB customers. The idea was enterprise functionality at an SMB price point. And since then, Axcient has done pretty well. They regularly feature at the pointy end of analyst reports from the like of Gartner and Forrester and they have, over the years, amassed 500 active partners and 5000 customers.

But those years spent building useful tools for SMB customers started Axcient’s CEO, Justin Moore, thinking about how applicable the platform was to other market segments. According to Moore, mid-market organizations started asking for a similar sort of offering.

At the same time, the rise and rise of the public cloud gave Axcient an opportunity to leverage cloud economics to work on a bigger scale. And the opportunity is very real — Moore likes to point out that analyst estimates suggest that around 70% of IT spend is wasted on non-productive workloads and infrastructure to support them.

For these reasons, Axcient is today announcing Fusion, a platform that leverages Axcient’s own technology, alongside the public cloud, to allow customers to consolidate all the disparate workloads which are involved with creating redundancy for their various production applications.

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