Resilient Network Systems Unveils Automated IAM System

Resilient Network Systems Unveils Automated IAM System

This identity access package not only uses multi-factor authentication but also pulls in data from social networks and other public sources to zero in on identity.

You can’t avoid all the chatter about identity access management here in late 2016, because there are so many inherent holes in older systems without efficient IAM that hackers are easily abusing, thus causing resultant daily mayhem.

As 2017 approaches, cloud computing, mobility and the internet of things continue to erode traditional organizational boundaries. The ability to share data freely yet securely is becoming a key driver of competitive advantage. For many organizations, however, the requirement to share and collaborate is outweighed by those serious security vulnerabilities.

So as its contribution toward helping solve these issues, San Francisco-based Resilient Network Systems, which makes an automated, policy-driven contextual access control package for enterprises and government agencies, came out Dec. 8 with the release of Resilient Access 3.0.

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