Can the security community grow up?

Can the security community grow up?

As the times change, the security community needs to adapt.


We live in an imperfect world, as Alex Stamos, Chief Information Security Officer of Facebook pointed out in his recent BlackHat 2017 keynote address. Instead of trying to punish each other, hackers and innovators need to work closely to ensure a higher order.


Other security thought leaders have echoed similar sentiments.


Amit Yoran, former President of RSA and now CEO of Tenable Networks says, “Fear just doesn’t cut it. We need to be adults and earn trust.”


Refreshingly, security thought leaders are driving cultural change from the top. Besides technological innovation, we are beginning to see changes in sales, diversity and culture. We are growing up, albeit slowly.


Product Innovation, Garbage and Lies


Ping Li, Partner at Accel Ventures reminded me that we are still in early innings of a long game. “The security sector is evolving rapidly and we are still developing a common nomenclature, a lingua franca for our business. Visibility into systems, managing patches, vulnerabilities and security workflows are still being accomplished with rudimentary tools,” Lu said.


Newcomers like Corelight (backed by Accel), Awake Networks (backed by Greylock Ventures) and EastWind Networks (backed by Signal Peak Ventures) are innovating on visibility of traffic and threats. In data security, ThinAir and Onapsis (securing ERP systems) have carved out an interesting niche in the market while Pwnie Express is positioning itself to win the IoT / ICS security market.

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