TrebleINK Writer

TrebleINK is the content marketing arm of Treble , an Austin-based public relations agency. INK ideates, drafts and places magazine-quality articles on behalf of tech startup executives. It also handles all press releases, case studies, blogs and other written assets across our client base. Our primary clientele ranges from seed-, A- and B-series venture funded B2B and B2C startups and venture capital firms across the U.S. INK empowers our clients with an authentic, clear voice and market position from entrepreneur thought leadership to announcing high-profile news announcements.


Our principles are:

  1. We are idea machines
  2. We’re fascinated by how technology is changing people and markets
  3. One startup, or one product, serves as a microcosm for life in general


What we’re looking for:

We’re looking for a writer with insatiable curiosity about life, a fascination for new technology, a burning desire to understand new concepts, who work hard and are nice, and strive to be truly exceptional in the work they do everyday. Preference will be given to people with experience in the tech industry. Former techies looking to break into writing are welcome.


The ideal writer:

  • Thinks like a journalist
  • Can’t rest until an argument is coherent
  • Already has opinions about technology and business, but is open to debate
  • Works better on deadline
  • Is curious about almost everything
  • Values steady work over name recognition
  • Understands the traditional writer-editor relationship: accept and be willing to learn from editorial feedback, rewrite as many times as needed
  • Likes to educate self and readers. Maybe you even think life is one big learning process
  • No work is below you — willing to take on the occasional random one-off task beyond article writing
  • Ability to write in a variety of voices that appeal to a broad audience
  • Ability to write in op-ed style, using timely examples to support argument and advocate for clear reader take-aways at the end of article



  • Write press releases on short deadlines for clients across B2B and B2C tech industries
  • Write 650-1200 word op-ed style articles that will be placed in online and offline publications
  • Write case studies
  • Write whitepapers
  • Revise based on internal and client feedback
  • Draft awards applications
  • Interact directly with multiple clients to brainstorm, revise and update on content
  • Pen the occasional quote on behalf of clients
  • Interview clients
  • Glean article topics from client interviews
  • Respond quickly and effectively to client demands
  • Other ad hoc writing tasks TBD


Reports to

  • Directly to Director of INK
  • CEO


Job Type: Full-time

Education: BA / BS

Experience: 5 yrs, 2 yrs in Tech

Location: Austin

Compensation: Based on experience

Benefits: Medical, dental insurance



Send an email to explaining why you’re the person for the job. Attach supporting evidence to that email and resume.