Big Business And The Midwest’s Hidden Startup Advantage

Silicon Valley, with its products, software, smarts, and change-the-world scale, has produced some of the most meaningful transformations of business and personal lives of the last two decades. […] I believe, however, that much of the technological change of the next two decades will be centered outside the Valley, in regions whose very nicknames make that claim heretical to many.

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Why The API Economy Is Exploding

APIs (known as application program interfaces) have been around for decades. The technology essentially allows software to move data across systems. Kind of prosaic, right?

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Big Data Means Big Deals To Come In M&As

Lately, old tech operators like IBM, Qualcomm, HP and even Oracle have been feeling lots of pain. The fact is that new technologies are passing them by — and fast.

But don’t expect this to last much longer. Actually, there’s a good bet we’ll see a burst of M&A activity, especially in categories like big data.

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SkillGigs: Doing A Rethink On Recruiting

For Kashif Aftab, being an entrepreneur is natural. Hey, when he was 10 years old, he helped with his dad’s manufacturing facility. But a year later, he started to learn coding.

No doubt, all of this proved useful. While in his 20s, he founded an IT firm, which he bootstrapped and then went on to sell. Oh, and then he founded two other companies!

As for his latest, it is SkillGigs, which is also bootstrapped.

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Accusoft: The Virtues Of Bootstrapping In The Cloud

When it comes to cloud companies, it seems that the best strategy is to have a brash founder/ceo. The idea is that this will drum up lots of buzz, which should lead to traction with customers.

Perhaps so. But this formula is not full-proof.

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What’s The Secret Sauce For Tech At Facebook And Google?

“DevOps” may sound like yet another useless tech buzzword. But the fact is that it represents something that is part of a major trend and could impact many companies.

In this article, StackEngine CEO Bob Quillin explains how DevOps, containers, and StackEngine’s operations management tools help make big companies move with agility and efficiency.

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Apple Watch: Thumbs Up Or Thumbs Down?

While at my local coffee shop recently, I talked to a barista (a Millennial) regarding Apple AAPL +0.51% Watch. He was pretty upbeat on it and said he would buy one (although, he did admit he did not know if he could afford it!)

My take: I’m skeptical on Apple Watch.

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Billion Dollar Club: Lessons Learned From Uber’s Mega Round

In four years, Uber’s valuation has gone from $0 to a stratospheric $18 billion.

It seems kind of crazy. But keep in mind that the mobile opportunity is massive.

So what are some of the takeaways? What can entrepreneurs learn about the tremendous success of Uber?

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Enterprise Software: How To Go Mobile-First

The enterprise software market is certainly ripe for mobile growth. Yet many of the traditional vendors – and even cloud startups – really do not know how to put together the right approach.

What to do? Well, a good idea would be to check out, which is taking on SurveyMonkey to disrupt the customer survey market with engaging, mobile-ready surveys.

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Tech Pros Weigh In On The Box IPO

Box is definitely not a lean startup. If anything, it seems there is no company policy on budgets. This is especially the case for items like marketing/sales, R&D and rent.

In this, Forbes speaks with multiple Treble clients to get their take on what matters about one of the bigger tech IPOs of the year.

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3 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Marc Benioff

One of the ground-breaking tech companies of the past decade is, which is the mastermind of Marc Benioff. He realized that enterprise software could be much better and cheaper. Of course, the solution was leveraging the cloud.

So for those who have worked with Benioff, there has been a great opportunity to learn some valuable lessons.

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Startups: How To Monetize Mobile

It’s all about mobile, of course. But how can startups pull in cash from users?  Let’s face it, even top-notch companies have struggled with this.

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Medical On Mobile: The Future Is Here

One of the hottest categories in mobile is healthcare. Just look at the recent IPO of Tandem Diabetes Care (TNDM), which is up about 38% since last week’s debut. The company is the developer of an iPhone-like device to provide insulin.

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Startup CEOs: What Are They Thankful For?

Being an entrepreneur can often be a pain (despite all the glamour from the media). Yet the process itself can be extremely rewarding, even if things do not always go according to plan (and they never seem to).

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CEOs: What Were The Breakout Tech Trends Of 2013?

2013 was certainly eventful for the tech industry. Hey, Facebook made a huge comeback and Twitter finally came public – with the stock rocketing.

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Sparkcentral’s Davy Kestens: A Future Aaron Levie?

In the early days of Box, I wrote a few stories on the company’s twenty-something CEO and co-founder, Aaron Levie. He always had interesting things

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Ka-Ching: Mobile Payments Predictions For 2014

There seems to be only one thing that matters in the tech world nowadays: mobile. It certainly has been the key for putting Twitter’s (TWTR) stock into the stratosphere.  But mobile has also rejuvenated companies like Groupon (GRPN).

Yet what about mobile payments? Will this market go mainstream?

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How Boxer’s App Fights For The Mobile Market

No doubt, the successful Twitter (TWTR) IPO shows the value of being mobile-first. But with thousands of companies in the space, the environment is pretty intense.

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