Eastwind leaves stealth to help companies respond to cyberattacks

Eastwind Breach Detection is emerging from stealth with a software-as-a-service tool that does its best not to be ignored. The post-breach detection software will send alerts to anyone who’s supposed to receive them — incident responders, a company’s leadership team, the IT department — until the problem is addressed.

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Cafyne monitors social media for risky business in regulated industries

Cafyne is a new social media monitoring and management tool, designed for use by brands that have complex policies to navigate and aims to help brands stay compliant while reaping the benefits that come with a strong social media presence.

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New workflow software aims to empower younger, quieter employees

One of the newest tools in the workflow management game is Scalus, a Google Ventures-backed startup that’s looking further change the way we work. While Scalus is far from the first workflow management solution, its approach to common problems in the workflow pipeline is a little different.

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