How to secure VC money in 3 weeks or less

When the Augury team headed to the valley in search of funding, we returned just three weeks later with just that: a respectable Series A round with a partner that shares our vision and the satisfaction of preparation paying off.

Here are some tactics to that got us there, and hopefully will help you too.

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The rise of the ‘Uberized economy’ and what it means for business

The world of labor is changing. Through laptops and mobile devices, a new world of services is becoming more accessible. The platforms enabling such services are also providing new homes for a rising entrepreneurial class of worker who is no longer being defined by the cubical. It’s becoming clear, that in a not too distant future, our companies and corporations will be built on virtual networks vs marble lobbies.

While we have seen an explosion of “Uberized” labor marketplaces that make things like grocery delivery and home cleaning a mobile click away, labor marketplaces are quickly moving in more sophisticated directions.

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