Augury’s Gadget Lets Machines Hear When They’re About to Die

Augury makes a gadget that customers can attach to equipment such as commercial refrigerators or industrial scale heaters. The gadget records vibrations and ultrasonic sound and uploads it to Augury’s cloud service, where it’s analyzed to make predictions about the health of the machine being monitored. Technicians can then use the company’s mobile app to view the status of a machine and any alerts that might indicate that something is going wrong with it.

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Surge Pricing: Initial Lessons From The New Sharing Economy

In recent months, there has been much debate around Uber’s “surge pricing” model, which algorithmically increases the cost to hire one of its Uber drivers during times of high demand. The New York Times asked if the method might be “an example of high-tech gouging”, while ValleyWag’s Sam Biddle accused the company of hitting “customers with the worst price gouging we’ve ever seen”.

In this, Sparkcentral co-founder Matt Finneran argues that Uber isn’t ignoring its customers, it is taking care of half of its customer base.

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