Startup funding hit record levels in 2021. According to Crunchbase data, investors put $329.5 billion into startups across all stages of growth. It’s an astounding number, especially when you consider that 2020 also was a record year and 2021 funding nearly doubled that mark.

And even though venture investment cooled in the first quarter of 2022, VC firms and other investors continue looking for ways to raise the profile of their latest portfolio company. A splashy debut is essential, as success attracts further success, whether with customers, investors or potential employees. Here are three ways investors can break through the noise and maximize returns.

  1. Leverage a funding announcement: Typically, the first significant piece of news for an emerging startup is the closing of a funding round. It provides a chance to showcase the brand’s value and what makes that particular company unique. Treble has a proven process for creating a compelling story around a startup that uses the funding as a hook but not as the only piece of news.
  2. Find your why: However, an effective funding announcement can’t be just about the numbers. Reporters see press releases talking about rounds of $20 million, $30 million and $40 million every day—often more than once a day. It takes both strategy and experience to attract media attention today. Over the last decade, Treble has done dozens of portfolio funding announcements, and more than 20 of our clients have gone public or been acquired. The key lies in arming companies with a clear narrative that talks about the problem they’re solving and why it matters.
  3. Choose the right approach: Maximizing coverage in a busy media environment calls for a delicate balance of timing and media relations. You want to allow reporters to review the news before publishing a press release because once the information is out there, it begins to lose its attraction. Weighing the benefits of offering an exclusive to a single prestigious publication versus an embargoed approach to multiple reporters who agree not to publish until the day of the news can often make the difference in a successful launch.

Leading VC firms, including Mercury Fund, 4490 Ventures, OpenView, S3 Ventures, Signal Peak Ventures, Next Coast Ventures, Silverton Partners and Dundee Venture Capital, have partnered with Treble to provide a definitive return on their investment. That’s created a strong network effect that has boosted performance for a wide range of portfolio companies.

Finding a PR partner who can raise a startup’s visibility quickly and start the flywheel of success is critical in today’s investment world. Firms don’t want to scramble ahead of a Form D filing to find someone to write a press release. A successful, strategic funding launch has the power to turn early-stage companies into market leaders.