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Quiet Quitting: Disengaged Employees or Unengaging Companies?

Quiet Quitting: Disengaged Employees or Unengaging Companies?

The “quiet quitting” phenomenon has swept through workplaces over the past few months. A multitude of viral TikTok videos coined the phrase. Gallup analyzed quiet quitting in a September study and defined it as employees who are “not engaged” at work — people who do the minimum required and are psychologically detached from their job. […]

Workshops & Wine: Treble’s 2022 Agency Summit

Workshops & Wine: Treble’s 2022 Agency Summit

California’s Napa Valley produces some of the finest wine in the world. Its rare climate, with warm and dry days followed by nights that cool off as the fog covers the ground, creates an ideal setting for growing what locals call “bottled poetry.” That spirit of growth and craftsmanship also made Napa an ideal location […]

Three Future Fintech Trends to Pitch to Media

Three Future Fintech Trends to Pitch to Media

The financial industry has seen a dramatic wave of changes throughout the past decade. Financial technology, or fintech, has revolutionized data sharing, personal finance management, payments proliferation and more to create a new space for reporters to cover. Fintech has seen a shift in power from banks and financial institutions, like United Federal Credit Union […]

The Transition to Remote Work

The Transition to Remote Work

Working from home for recent college graduates who spent their last years of school learning on Zoom wasn’t as intense of a cultural shift as for those already deep in the workforce. Remote learning – remote working – is all young employees know. But what about the seasoned veterans with years of in-person experience and […]

5 Things to Look for When Choosing a PR Agency

When scaling a business and looking externally for added communications support, a common question often rings through the c-suite: Do we hire a small or large public relations agency? Choosing the right agency seems daunting. You’ll be handing off your company’s communications strategy, media outreach efforts, and sometimes more (analyst relations outreach, awards and speaking […]

A Decade In Review: How PR has Evolved in the Past 10 Years

A lot can change in a decade. And as a tech PR firm that works with startups and VCs directly, we’ll be the first to tell you: this last one’s been a page-turner. Back in 2012, today’s tech giants were just beginning to hit their stride. Many of us still relied on desktops, rather than […]

The Evolving Relationship Between Tech, Venture Capitalists and the Media

The relationship between reporters, startup founders, and venture capitalists is ever-evolving and subject to change. While startup leaders and venture capitalists once looked to woo reporters and journalists with cutting-edge ideas to garner coverage and publicity through traditional avenues, the field of new ideas is more crowded than ever, raising the threshold for what news […]

How to Get Your PR Pitch In Front of a Busy Reporter

Reporters are swamped. Every day is a balancing act between checking hundreds of messages to get scoops that beat competitors and meeting story deadlines that please editors. Piercing the blizzard of frenetic activity engulfing daily journalists requires concise, newsworthy and relevant story pitches. Pitches that present a problem, highlight a solution, and show why the […]

Put on Your Marketing Cap: Merging PR and Data

A set of ever-changing responsibilities have prompted PR professionals to begin thinking more like marketers. Marketing departments have historically operated independently from their PR counterparts as the dominant business function, analyzing and interpreting data, while PR focused on supporting and enhancing marketing functions. But the lines between marketing and PR have blurred as new forms […]

Why Public Relations?

Public relations can be one of the most rewarding, creative and overall fun careers out there – as long as you’re working alongside a team that fosters a supportive work environment. There are many reasons why I chose a career in PR, and as a recent college graduate, I know what it’s like facing the […]

RSAC 2022: When a Community Comes Together

After two years of cancellations, more than 26,000 attendees gathered in San Francisco on June 6-9 for RSA Conference, the world’s leading information security conference and exposition. For more than three decades, RSAC has been the premier place where the security industry converges to discuss current and future concerns. Even more importantly, RSAC provides the […]

Company Culture: From Stress to Serenity

Public relations recently ranked eighth out of ten on a list of the most stressful jobs, behind firefighter, police officer and enlisted military personnel. It seems like the stress comes with the title, but does it always have to be this way? Having a well-oiled organization that puts employee well-being first seems like a fantasy […]