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Introducing Treble’s Enterprise Practice Group: A Q&A with Matt Grant

As technology markets become increasingly specialized, their messaging and strategies will require more nuance for the greatest impact. Public relations agencies must adapt when working with tech clients in various industries. Industry-specific practice groups are one of many ways PR agencies can continue to create value for their clients and ensure they’re reaching the right […]

Treble Announces Formation of Enterprise Technology Practice Group

Agency leverages history of successful engagements with venture capital and growth equity-backed startups and venture capital firms to move upmarket with Series B, C, D and pre-IPO enterprise technology companies Collective enterprise technology includes experience across emerging technology markets, including DevOps, edge computing, IoT, cybersecurity, blockchain and artificial intelligence Boutique PR agency has tripled its […]

Austin competing to be the new technological center of the United States

Ethan Parker, founder, spoke in a recent interview with a Spanish new outlet about industry disruption and modernization, solving real-world problems, and the role Texas plays in the future of tech. Austin is the new great technological center of the United States In recent months, the capital of the state of Texas has been chosen […]

4 Questions: Entrepreneurship, Austin & the VC Outlook

Ethan Parker, founder, provides insights in a recent interview about entrepreneurship, the evolution of VC investments, and the role Austin plays in the future of tech. What factors motivated you to take the leap to entrepreneurship in Austin? Why did you choose that city and not another? When did you make the decision to move […]

Treble: 5 years in 5 minutes

Today marks a special day. Treble has unveiled our new website. The first website represented $3000.00 and a vision of a founder that was looking to do something different in the PR game. When you’re bootstrapping, you have to be judicious with your free cash flow.

2020 Availability for Treble’s Accelerator Program

Treble has been a strategic partner to propel 15 startups to exit since 2014.

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