For most companies, announcing news at an industry conference may feel like shouting into the void. Trying to stand out among hundreds, even thousands, of similar companies sharing news simultaneously could feel like a big waste of time and effort. However, there are some proven PR approaches that can successfully attract the attention of reporters and industry analysts, even at some of the biggest events in tech.

For example, consider Blackhat USA, one of the biggest cybersecurity conferences in the world. Thousands of people attend, and more than 350 vendors are on hand to showcase their solutions. In such a focused environment, many messages start to sound the same. Today’s fast-moving media cycle means product announcements or updates don’t generate the same level of attention as big ideas. That could mean upgrading to news that affects the entire cybersecurity industry with a report that reveals new findings.

Plan Early to Break Through the Noise

Once the big idea has been established, early planning is critical. Three questions form the foundation of a successful PR campaign:

  • What is the primary goal of this announcement?
  • Who do we want to reach with this news?
  • How do we measure success?

The first goal could reasonably be connecting with reporters. Media coverage in key business and vertical publications raises brand awareness, educates industry professionals, and attracts new customers. An added bonus of media coverage means that your big ideas get in front of future customers, investors and industry leaders.

Another goal could be demonstrating your company’s expertise and credibility to your target audiences. This is Treble’s bread and butter — earned media. A few weeks before an event, we begin engaging with folks attending the conference and offer in-person briefings with company executives. We also conduct broader outreach to reporters who aren’t attending the event but who cover the space to gauge their interest in reporting the news from afar.

Finally, meeting with an industry analyst at the event to discuss the report findings and get their honest take on the data from an industry perspective can be a hugely valuable interaction. Analyst relations are major drivers of customer and investor awareness. Developing a strong relationship with an analyst can lead to third-party validation of a product, quotes in upcoming press releases and future inclusion in market reports.

Measuring Success

With a robust, proactive media strategy, companies can reasonably expect coverage in a roundup or recap articles, placements in key industry vertical publications, as well as a number of analyst briefings. As a bonus, analyst meetings can also lead to a quote from that person that can be used in future press releases and pitches.

With a strategic plan in place and active support from a PR agency, companies can break through the noise at a conference and turn a news announcement into an opening for media coverage and long-running reporter relationships.