Cybersecurity has become a board-level concern for every company. A security breach can expose organizations to millions of dollars in penalties, drive down market capitalization and create irreparable harm to a brand's reputation.

It makes sense, then, that companies are expected to spend more than $188.3 billion this year on information security and risk management products and services, an 11.3% jump over last year. So, how can an emerging cybersecurity company get noticed in a market that's crowded with well-known brands and new startups that launch every day? The key lies in building visibility and credibility. A public relations program that combines media relations, thought leadership and trendjacking can set your company apart from the competition.

Telling Your Unique Story

Investors, analysts and customers will want to know why your cybersecurity solution is worth their attention and investment. Company news — including product announcements, partnerships, new hires and more — will provide a steady stream of opportunities for your team to talk to reporters about your organization and demonstrate your expertise.

To create continued interest in your company and product, a PR agency will map out a campaign strategy months ahead of important product launches to ensure media outreach efforts go hand-in-hand with press release distribution. The strategy aligns with your overall marketing and business strategy to meet your goals.

Establishing Trust and Authority

Once the desired messaging about your value and technical security expertise is in play, a PR agency will ensure that conversations with stakeholders are consistent and meaningful and resonate with your target audience. These efforts will position your company as an industry thought leader through secured quotes, speaking engagements and social media.

Thought leadership, through contributed articles placed in publications relevant to your target audience, allows your company to further establish itself as an expert in the cybersecurity industry. Affirm and strategically
positioned message can subsequently generate leads and provide ongoing opportunities for media coverage.

Becoming Part of the News

Although company announcements are the driving force behind increased coverage, sometimes they don't occur frequently enough to keep your company top-of-mind. In such a crowded sector, if there is no recent news, there is no story.

To remedy this common stall in media coverage and to increase conversations with and about your company, PR agencies develop proactive strategies. Proactive pitching angles are crafted around upcoming endeavors for the company as a whole or for C-suite executives to promote their expertise within the industry.

A PR team will review ongoing happenings within your company and match them with timely stories being written about in the press. This is what Treble calls trendjacking. Trendjacking provides consistent messaging and conversations between your company and the media during quiet periods of company announcements.

Answering open commentary requests can often lead to long-lasting relationships with journalists and their publications, creating opportunities for bylined articles and podcast appearances, among other media coverage.

Sourcing the Right PR Agency

Because cybersecurity news stories spread quickly, it's important to look for a PR agency that will prioritize your account with actionable strategies to timely integrate your company's perspective into the news cycle.

To elevate your company as a thought leader in the market, look for agencies whose senior team members have deep cybersecurity industry experience and established relationships with key media members. The ideal PR agency acts as an extension of your sales and marketing team with an eye on supporting your business goals.

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