Public relations is a complex industry – it’s exciting, dynamic and fast-paced. But anyone who has worked in PR knows that the job can also be highly stressful. In fact, it’s ranked as one of the top 10 most stressful professions in 2022. PR is all about delivering fast results and keeping clients happy. But, as any industry professional knows, it’s not always that simple.

With so many tasks to juggle and tight deadlines to meet, it is absolutely essential that anyone working in the field has a healthy and supportive work culture to fall back on. In any profession, but especially within PR, a work environment can make all the difference between thriving or crumbling from the pressures of the job. So, how can PR leaders create a work culture that not only supports employees but empowers them and helps drive their success?

Empathy and Accessibility: The Role of Leadership in a Healthy Work Culture

The first element of a healthy and supportive work culture is leadership that consistently leads with empathy and accessibility. Just as PR practitioners must stay in touch with the needs of their clients and their audiences, leaders must stay in tune with the needs and overall health of the agency. Whether this is giving employees a break after a high-stress meeting, relieving some of their workload when the deadlines start to pile up or simply checking in with them to see how they’re doing, leaders must listen to their employees, understand their experiences and their struggles, and take action to ensure their needs are being met.

Employee Well-being: The Impact of Actionable Policies

Another essential element of a healthy work culture within PR is creating and adapting actionable policies that prioritize employee well-being. For example, Treble’s unlimited paid time off policy allows employees the freedom to take time off whenever and for however long they need. This flexibility not only enables employees to take the time off needed to create a healthy work-life balance, but it alleviates the anxiety of knowing you’ve run out of sick days or have used up all your personal time when extenuating circumstances arise. Treble also prioritizes the well-being of the agency by carefully managing employees’ schedules to ensure they have ample downtime to complete their work and their days aren’t overrun by meetings.

Assurance of Company Support: Building a Team-Player Mindset

Finally, to manage stress and reduce workplace anxiety within PR, employees must have the assurance that their company is on their side. Dealing with negative feedback and challenging expectations is inevitable in the industry. This can easily discourage employees if they do not have the support and guidance of their managers and teammates to fall back on. Treble is constantly reinforcing a team-player mindset within the organization. No matter what happens, employees can know that their team will be on their side to celebrate successes and navigate challenges.

While not a comprehensive summary of everything that goes into creating a healthy work culture within PR, these elements are a good start. Every agency and group of people coming together for a common goal will have different needs. And some stress is inevitable with any job where passion plays a role. But with the right team and supportive leadership behind you, it will be worthwhile.