The first stop at the Treble Spring Retreat 2024 was at the top of a hill at Camp Lucy, a sprawling Hill Country ranch in Dripping Springs, just outside Austin. The wide-open sky stretched beyond the vineyard’s grapevines and the rolling hills of Central Texas. And not to get too literary, but the view provided a perfect metaphor for the three-day event, where the team imagined the endless possibilities ahead as the Agency set its course for 2024.

Colleagues from California and Montana met up on Monday and enjoyed dinner in a private dining room before a full day of activity on Tuesday. The day began with CEO and founder Ethan Parker giving a State of the Agency address, charting the course of the company from its early days in a condo on Austin’s Rainey Street to the award-winning team it is today. Ethan also talked about his vision for the future, with a focus on being the premier earned media B2B tech PR agency.

"I loved the retreat. It was super insightful as far as planning and goals went. As someone new, it really was a great introduction to how Treble works and how much the leadership team cares about our professional growth as well as our overall health," said Account Coordinator Laura Corona. "I think that was something that really struck me and made me feel like more than just an employee and as a part of the Treble Family. Other than that, it was a great opportunity to meet everyone from the California teams and build stronger relationships with them as well as our Austin team. I loved it, it was so much fun, and the whole experience was really great!"

Team members collaborated on new business pitching and got the results of a client feedback survey, along with a deep dive into how we can continue to serve clients better. The afternoon ended with a relaxing sound bath session before the team packed up for a dinner road trip of Texas barbecue at The Salt Lick. Back at Camp Lucy, the evening ended with long talks and laughing around the resort’s fire pit.

“When looking back on the retreat, obviously, the location was incredibly beautiful and relaxing. The moments I cherished most, however, were the team building exercises and hearing from Ethan and Will on their vision for Treble PR and the role each of us play in developing that vision into a reality and expanding the company’s goals,” said Senior Account Executive Josh Georgiou. “Specifically, I believe there were numerous moments where everyone came together, uniting and rallying behind Treble PR’s mission. Seeing that in action amidst the backdrop of a stunning venue was truly awe-inspiring. I relished the moments I was motivated by leadership to think on the spot, draft unique pitches in a friendly company tournament, and flex my presenting muscles in a safe environment. Then to top it all off, staying up till midnight laughing around the campfire with my co-workers and leaders was an experience I won’t forget due to the laughter and merry that echoed the entire venue that night.”

Wednesday included another quick programming session, with a rapid-fire pitch contest and a look at how we support clients with thought leadership content.

"One of the most memorable exercises from the retreat was the 'pitch-off." We each were given a publication and had to write a proactive pitch in only 30 minutes," said Account Coordinator Sydney Miner. "This exercise was really insightful to me because it showed the importance of being creative and taking the time to brainstorm new ideas. When we all presented our individual pitches, it truly showed how, even in 30 minutes, we were able to come up with ideas that could actually be pursued for our clients."

Soon, everyone was back on the road, either back to Austin or to the airport for a flight home.

“While being one of the newest team members at Treble, it was an exciting opportunity to step away from the daily grind, gain fresh perspectives and return with renewed energy to tackle our goals together after spending time at Camp Lucy,” said Account Coordinator Madison Davidson. “As a team, we bonded over shared challenges and triumphs, strengthening both professional and personal connections. It was truly a memorable time being able to grow closer with all my teammates and making memories together.”