Public relations, like every knowledge worker industry, is on the precipice of dramatic change. The rapid advances we’re seeing in generative AI will transform how PR professionals pitch, write press releases and report results.  

Still, I believe the most fundamental role of a PR pro, finding and pitching reporters, will remain a uniquely human task. 

PR Professionals Engaging With Reporters

Reporters are the ultimate gatekeepers to our information ecosystems; they control access to large audiences and bring with them specific journalistic ethics, industry practices and expectations for newsworthiness. It’s our job and responsibility as PR professionals to work within the news cycle and present smart spokespeople, useful expertise and genuinely interesting stories to them.

Reporters are also professionally skeptical; they will quickly suss out AI-generated text and automated efforts to pitch them. To me, that means the future of PR work is AI-enabled, not AI-replaceable. Engaging with reporters on a human level and convincing them of the stories that deserve coverage can’t be done by AI-generated text.

That’s why I was excited about Treble’s core philosophy: The agency puts media relations at the center of everything it does, and everyone contributes to that effort.

AI-Generated Content

That’s also the context for my decision to join the firm. The tech world is rapidly changing around us, and reporters are rushing to detail this changing world as the first version of our AI history. 

With a team of agency, in-house and journalist veterans all contributing to the media relations effort, Treble is an organization that’s nimble and can adopt new generative AI tools to enhance our skills. Treble also carries with it the traditions and expertise of decades of media relations work. 

We’re already working with important and innovative companies forging this new future. From GPUs powering generative AI use cases to a company helping enterprises move workloads to containerized cloud environments, there are distinctly cloud-native companies working with Treble. 

Treble’s San Francisco Presence

To cap it off, I can tackle it all from my home city, San Francisco, where I’ll be meeting smart founders, tech journalists and venture capital firms funding the next generation of these companies.

I’m excited to be here and extremely thankful to Olivia and Ethan for extending the offer to join their firm. I’m looking forward to digging in and contributing to this expert team of media relations professionals and future agency leaders.