Today marks a special day. Treble has unveiled our new website. The first website represented $3000.00 and a vision of a founder that was looking to do something different in the PR game. When you’re bootstrapping, you have to be judicious with your free cash flow.

The new website represents where Treble is today: a team of 10 that produces like a team of 20, amazing clients across the United States and a clear vision of where we want to be in another five years.

We intentionally kept Treble in stealth mode for many years. We haven’t applied for awards or spent thousands of dollars on sponsorships. Nearly every dollar of profit went back into the company to acquire and incentivize top talent. Our body of work over the last five years speaks for itself. One thing I’m extremely proud of is that we took a chance with our mantra of ‘scaling together’ with our venture backed startup clients. Taking a brand from inception to exit is a challenging and hyper rewarding facet of our business model.

Our roster has evolved. We are extremely selective about working with true partners. Treble is winning with startups in IoT, edge computing, cybersecurity, cryptocurrency, cloud computing and beyond. We have evolved from our B2B roots and have established growing consumer tech and green tech practices. So how did we get here?

In April 2013 when Treble was founded, if you looked closely, you could see tech in the middle of the country was changing—venture capital firms were formulating and investing in the ‘Midcontinent’. Austin, Texas was booming, and as a recent California transplant myself—all I could see was opportunity.

Fast forward to today and the middle of the country is suddenly ‘cool’. Millennial talent looking to enjoy home ownership and work / life balance are shifting the demographics of places like Austin, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Madison, Kansas City, Salt Lake City and Denver. Treble is able to parlay our Silicon Valley roots and relationships and we’re winning across our great country—one client at at time.

We’ve been an integral strategic partner for eight startups in our portfolio getting acquired by the likes of Google, Oracle and VMWare. We love the challenge, the journey—and ultimately—the win.

Our blog ‘PR: 0 to 100’ will share insights across the business spectrum, from bootstrapping to how PR can put your company on the fast track to exit. We encourage you to cruise through our new website to learn about all our services and our results. Follow Treble on social media to be part of our extended team. Let’s see what happens in the next five years.