When Treble was founded in 2013, the biggest technology stories of the year included Edward Snowden's leak of classified NSA documents, Twitter going public and the price of Bitcoin skyrocketing.

Fast-forward to the end of 2022, and although the tech industry has changed dramatically, many of the themes behind the biggest stories have stayed the same: like cybersecurity, startup funding and fintech. Identifying trends and getting clients into the news with a timely quote, interview or analysis has been one of Treble's defining qualities throughout its history.

That approach has paid off. Today, the agency is pleased to announce record growth for the ninth year in a row. Despite a rough economy, Treble's 2022 included a record increase in revenue growth (63%) and now has three times as many employees as it had at the beginning of the pandemic.

Other highlights of Treble's 2022:

  • Raised its number of startup exits to 23.
  • Named to the PRNEWS 2022 awards list of The Agency Elite Top 100, highlighting the nation’s most innovative and strategic public relations firms of the year based on their services, products, employee initiatives and activities, and core agency offerings.
  • Launched an Enterprise Technology Practice Group led by Treble Senior Vice President Matt Grant. By expanding agency expertise and synergies through the formation of another practice group — alongside the agency’s previously announced Cybersecurity Practice Group — Treble solidified its goals to expand its client portfolio to reach late-stage and public companies.
  • Opened up Cohort 4 of its Funding Accelerator Program, a unique project sprint for venture-backed startups and enterprises to announce funding rounds and venture capital firms to announce new funds.
  • Launched almost every major Texas-based venture firm’s new fund in 2022 — including True Wealth Ventures, Next Coast Ventures and S3 Ventures — securing extensive national and Texas regional coverage.

Check out the press release for full details.