Size doesn’t matter.

Over the past few years, major brands have turned to boutique public relations agencies to support specialized efforts and ongoing projects. Small PR agencies provide enterprises with fresh ideas that are nurtured from inception to fruition while crafting expert, industry-driven communication.

Enterprises are shifting their relationships away from global agencies to access a more nuanced form of PR. Boutique agencies invest their time and dedicate resources to every client. They dig deep and garner niche expertise to understand what makes their respective industries tick. They offer specialized services, like a Funding Accelerator Program, that are only available at smaller firms.

Partnering with a boutique PR agency is like joining a selective club. Smaller teams don’t have the capacity to bring on any and every company that comes knocking. When partnerships develop, they are intentional and founded on the principle that it is just that: a partnership.

Think of it like an interview process. Both parties inquire about each other’s strengths and weaknesses to determine if the relationship will work. Past experiences, bandwidth and values are all on the table during negotiations. Boutique agencies will only work with those companies that have a genuine desire to work together as partners. This relationship is mutually beneficial but is driven by the dedicated media and communications processes brought forward by boutique agencies.

Personalized Strategies for Every Client

A boutique agency treats every campaign or project with diligence and care. Although a contract may specify the programs an agency will run with a company, small agencies have the flexibility to change course on projects and announcements with more agility than their larger counterparts.

While large PR firms have the resources and capabilities to handle big budgets and nationwide campaigns, smaller agencies can adapt quickly to changing market conditions. This can be especially beneficial for businesses looking for flexible, cost-effective PR efforts during economically challenging times.

Not every enterprise is the same –– even within similar industries –– and media relations, announcements and content should be tailored to individual client needs. Boutique PR agencies offer a nimble approach to collaboration as a way to drive unique and meaningful coverage for their clients. This personalization goes from media lists tailored to every campaign to individual pitches highlighting a company or executive’s expertise.

Work with Seasoned Experts

Small PR agencies aren’t expanding their teams to meet a quota or keep employment numbers high. They’re instead focused on building a team of specialists within the agency’s specific area of expertise. Client accounts are developed based on the skill and experience of PR professionals and are tailored to that client’s industry.

Agencies may form practice groups specializing in various industries such as cybersecurity, fintech or enterprise technology. By having PR professionals who are well-versed in the nuances of specific industries, clients can rest assured that their agency is pitching and writing about the most timely and avant-garde industry news.

Small agencies also tend to perform best in niche environments. Many media relations strategists at boutique PR agencies have a background of working in-house or at large agencies. In turn, they bring the knowledge and relationships from these experiences to new accounts. Small PR teams also have strong local connections and impactful Tier 1 relationships from years of industry exposure. A combination of diverse agency expertise and authentic, industry-specific connections leads to winning campaigns and valuable ROI for clients.

But Wait, There’s More

Boutique PR agencies are like a close friend who always buys just what you want for your birthday. They’ll celebrate with you and go the extra mile to make your important days special.

Small agencies provide added value for their best partners. Because these PR teams are smaller, individuals are often tasked with many responsibilities and are knowledgeable about different areas of PR, marketing and communication. PR professionals at small agencies work on multiple aspects of an account and brainstorm creative solutions to amplify current efforts.

The workload of PR professionals at boutique agencies is more fluid than the rigid processes at large agencies, so teams have a greater opportunity to search for new opportunities that can bolster the account. Researching paid media opportunities is a typical added value avenue PR agencies take with clients. Teams comb through media kits and schedule prospecting calls with publishers to discover additional ways to support current earned and owned efforts.

Flexibility in account activities also allows small PR teams to spend time workshopping new strategies, pitch angles and storylines internally. This development and preparation is the secret to what makes boutique agencies so successful in their PR efforts. What the client sees is an executive quote in a desired publication. What they don’t see is the hours of diligent, targeted research small PR teams conduct to achieve these results.

Choosing a PR agency is a difficult decision, especially weighing options between large and small agencies. While there are benefits to working with agencies of any size, boutique agencies hold their own in terms of personalization, expertise and account dedication. Small but mighty rings true for boutique PR agencies. Enterprises looking to develop an authentic working partnership with a PR agency should turn to the little guy for impactful results.